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Every municipality and government agency has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but relief from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and other federal programs is helping communities to accelerate their recovery. However, in order to capitalize on these opportunities for recovery, many cities and towns, states, and local agencies will need professional help to plan and execute projects, administer grants, and track outcomes to achieve long term and equitable gains.

At HCH Enterprises, we offer a suite of public sector consulting services that align with the resources of many smaller municipalities and public agencies. These services include community engagement to assess the needs of those you serve, project management to keep initiatives on track through completion, and leveraging dashboarding tools to assist in reporting and to track outcomes with accuracy and efficiency. 

Simply put, HCH Enterprises can help your municipality spend ARPA funds effectively and efficiently. 

One Step Ahead

for Public Sector Services

Project and Program Management

We represent the interests of the municipality for a single project, multiple projects, or the overall ARPA program.

Constituent Communications

Our services help engage constituents for input on priorities, project status, and outcomes.

Dashboards and Reporting 

HCH Consultants can help policy makers use facts, metrics, and data to guide decisions and report results.

Master Planning and Grant Management

We assist leaders oversee ARPA projects and pursue additional funding, if needed.

Using our experience and projections, we will customize a Roadmap for you

with 25 years+ of Consulting experience, we are able to and will discuss how your state and local governments can use ARPA for your Newest iT Projects, how ARPA Funding can help upgrade your Security Posture, and provide use Cases to solidify your municipality or businesses ability to deliver essential constituent services

Meet The Team

Robbie Mantooth

Project Manager

Constantine Leotsakos

Director of Sales

Stephen Earle, PMP, FHIMSS

Senior Project Management Consultant

Your First steps to success

We Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Our team at HCH will work quickly to identify and address issues pre and post emergency, which will trigger a faster recovery. We will prioritize your short-term investments with benefits you will see far into the future. 

Municipalities have experienced revenue declines and negative impacts on most constituents, especially the underserved.

ARPA funds will accelerate municipal recovery but projects must conform to evolving rules.


learning about all your Public Sector issues

HCH and your team will meet with stakeholders to discuss what the major issues are, which need to be addressed now and for the future, and who is and will be affected.


Pair you up with the Perfect SMEs

HCH will select Subject Matter Experts that will walk you through the process in a professionally, thoughtfully, and efficiently.  



Funding & Resources

HCH will assist you in obtaining needed ARPA and other funding, planning, executing and administering your resources efficiently.


Experienced & Ready

Track Record

we will assist you with Public Sector issues

  • HCH supports municipalities with continued guidance on ARPA rules, as well as ongoing reporting to the U.S. Treasury.
  • Our professionals have supported our clients with logistics management, cascading impacts planning, data collection, organization & analysis for insights on project outcomes and benefits to decision-making.
  • HCH can provide communication support to municipalities with constituents before, during and after projects are complete
  • ARPA funds will accelerate municipal recovery but projects must conform to evolving rules in one of six specific categories