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Public Sector Consulting Services for Governments and Agencies

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HCH Enterprises works with local governments and public entities to identify opportunities and implement solutions to remove a community’s barriers and increase opportunities. We seek to deliver outcomes centered on equity and inclusion.

We help public sector clients improve their performance through the analysis of existing problems and the development of plans for improvement. We align resources with specialized knowledge to match a project’s specific needs. 

We strive to make life better in the communities we serve by applying our knowledge in social science, experience in forming public policy, and project management excellence. Our public sector consultants are project managers and facilitators — helping communities move projects forward from concept to implementation.

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Our Public Sector Consulting Capabilities

Grant Writing + Grant Management

We help communities manage their grant process from obtainment to disbursement. We identify grant opportunities, research and analyze their potential benefit to a community, and make recommendations based on priority and suitability. Our experts ensure a government or agency remains compliant with all grant requirements and reporting requirements throughout the life of the grant. We even offer training opportunities to our clients, providing them with greater independence in managing their grant processes.

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Data Collection, Analysis + Reporting

Engaging constituents is a vital component of understanding the needs of a community. Our process for community outreach and assessments (surveying, focus groups, interviews of community members) paired with insightful analysis of available data allows a government or agency to make informed decisions that lead to positive outcomes for HCH clients.

Public Sector Compliance

Complying with federal rules and reporting requirements fatigue public sector leaders working to achieve mission-focused goals with limited funding and administrative support.

HCH conducts audits to measure compliance with program requirements. Our team coordinates across State government divisions to provide feedback on program performance, as measured ultimately by public health outcomes. To assess program performance, activity data are collected from self-reporting, test kit consumption, and distribution to determine test positivity rates, testing uptake, and regulatory compliance.

Our public sector consultants navigate ever-changing compliance requirements and deliver compliance services for state and local governments, tribal nations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and non-profit organizations.

IT + Security Services

From cybersecurity and managed services to broadband infrastructure design and implementation, our IT and security capabilities keep a municipality’s digital assets secure, up to date, and with enhanced connections between community members and the resources on which they rely.

DEI, Health Equity + Housing Equity

Equitable solutions are at the center of everything we do at HCH Enterprises. To expand opportunities for all members of a community, we work with governments and agencies to assess their current state of equity in the areas of health, housing, and food security and develop a strategic plan to deliver the framework for policies and programs to make a community more equitable for everyone.

Learn More About DEI, Health Equity, and Housing Equity

Recovery Project Advisory + Management Services

Explore a recovery and growth plan.

HCH prioritizes good governance and puts constituents first. We will leverage grant opportunities — such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) — and maximize what is available. By consulting with HCH, we can identify appropriate investments that will resolve immediate needs and provide long-term benefits to your community. 

Ask Our Consultants

ARPA Guidance

• Aiding with allowable priority projects
• Rules tracking
• Rules analysis and advisory
• Quarterly and annual reporting
• Assistance to Treasury

Data Consultancy

• Data insights to accelerate recovery/equity
• Data collection and organization
• Analytics and projections
• Data dashboards

Constituent Communications

• Community engagement
• Project prioritization
• Project status
• Project outcomes and benefits to constituents

IT Services

• Systems and data integration
• Connectivity and broadband
• Technical support/help desk
• Virtual ticketing services

Response Services

• Helping minimize health and economic impact
• Data collection and organization
• Analytics and projections
• Data dashboards

Project Management

• Pursuing project outcomes
• Strategic planning and risk assessment
• Workflow and task management
• Staffing project metrics

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Learning about all your public sector issues

HCH and your team will meet with stakeholders to discuss what the major issues are, which need to be addressed now and for the future, and who is and will be affected.

Pair you with the perfect SMEs

HCH will select Subject Matter Experts that will walk you through the process professionally, thoughtfully, and efficiently.  

Funding and managing resources

HCH will assist you in obtaining needed ARPA and other funding and planning, executing and administering your resources efficiently.

Our Work

State of Rhode Island, Office of the RI Governor, EOHHS, RIDOH, National Guard, RI Commerce Corporation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, HCH assisted in tracing outbreaks, identified at-risk communities, established and maintained testing sites, established lab management, communicated guidelines to small businesses, assisted in coordination of childcare or quarantining for K-12 students, developed and maintained Dashboards and KPIs, trained contact tracers, supplied PPE and project managed testing supply chain management, managed CARES and ARPA Federal funding, assisted in health insurance reimbursement processing, and provided support for isolated or quarantined individuals.

Massachusetts Lottery – Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In 2021, The Massachusetts lottery contracted with HCH to provide contact center services for the Massachusetts vaccination lottery. HCH provided tier one support for the Massachusetts lottery to help encourage Massachusetts residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine and to resolve eligibility questions by the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Town of Warren, RI – Town Facilitators

HCH has been actively working with the Town of Warren, R.I. and its stakeholders to assist in the COVID-19 Pandemic response. They have identified specific initiatives to improve the impact of the pandemic. HCH developed executive summaries, initiatives, constituent communication, and provided guidance support to ensure Rescue Plan allowances were met. HCH has prepared project summaries for the town with estimated timelines, budget and resource requirements.

Brockton Public Schools

HCH helped the school system to transition to an online delivery platform in response to COVID-19. They also assisted with application support for video chat and collaboration tools. HCH provided training and tech support for students, teachers, and parents.

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