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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Health Equity
Housing Equity

HCH Enterprises applies resources with specialized knowledge to solve your specific diversity and inclusion issues. To expand and promote opportunities for all members of a community, we work with governments and agencies to assess their current state of equity in the areas of health, housing, and food security. Then, we develop an impactful and sustainable strategic plan to deliver the framework for policies and programs to make a community more equitable for everyone.

Virtual Diversity Officer

Benefits of a Virtual Diversity Officer

Virtual Diversity Officers (VDO) provide DEI strategic leadership and action-oriented equity support to an organization. VDOs cost less than hiring a full-time DEI executive and are a viable solution for small to large organizations to actively address and take action towards DEI. Diverse teams feel included and in return perform better. They are better positioned to bring innovation revenue that drives market growth, which is why now more than ever, organizations should commit to making progress in diversity in the workplace. HCH’s VDOs provide municipalities with external DEI subject matter experts while assisting with internal capacity and best-practice diversity building and development.

Service Capabilities

Our VDO Deliverables Include:

  • DEI strategic planning

  • Providing immediate feedback and counsel on emergent issues

  • Functioning as a 3rd party Mediator for employee conflict resolution

  • Providing a common language and definitions

  • Partner in the design of a DEI strategy including KPI definition and targets

  • Provide strategic guidance with regard to recruiting and hiring best practices

  • Communications, policies, procedures, and materials review with a DEI lens

  • Build internal capacity and progress-driven efforts aimed at intentionality

  • Cultivate and Facilitation of Employee Resource Groups

  • Coach leadership on DEI-related topics

  • Participation in diversity-related meetings to cultivate empathy

Additionally, we recommend an organizational assessment prior to the onboarding of the VDO to be conducted by our Diversity and Inclusion Expert Trainers. They provide all-staff trainings following the assessment and can be available at your request.