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Closing the Digital Divide with Broadband Solutions

Helping to provide broadband to everyone is a commitment to closing the digital divide. Broadband is essential for vital services and opportunities, but millions of citizens still lack adequate broadband service or the devices and skills to use it.

We have a deep-rooted understanding of the telecommunications industry, information technology, public policy, and strategic planning. Our goal is to assist state and regional programs and ISPs in addressing the challenges of unserved and underserved communities for broadband connectivity in your jurisdiction.

Access to affordable and reliable broadband can transform the lives of all citizens. It is key to creating equity and impacts in:

  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • Workforce Development

The pandemic deepened the U.S.’s digital divide — a lack of available broadband or issues related to a lack of affordability, devices, or digital skills. Many citizens still do not have the access they need for full-service healthcare, education, and employment.

Let’s Work Together

How can HCH Enterprises assist and collaborate with your state or region?

Robust and Sustained Engagement and Coordination

We conduct robust and sustained engagement with a diverse set of collaborators throughout the program planning and deployment processes. By bringing together stakeholders and community anchors from various sectors, we can ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach to address the broadband needs of the communities in your jurisdiction. This tailored approach will help streamline efforts, leverage resources, and maximize the impact of broadband deployment initiatives.

Broadband Community Surveys and Mapping — Empowering Communities with Accurate Data

We go beyond conventional approaches to broadband solutions. Our commitment to closing the digital divide includes facilitating high-touch community outreach campaigns for broadband mapping. We crowdsource finely geolocated broadband speed test data and resident survey responses, providing crucial insights into the speed, availability, affordability, and quality of the community’s network.

FCC Interactive Broadband Map

Resolve Local Problems

Ensure the success of broadband initiatives by measuring impact through analysis and reporting. Our team can provide detailed tools and best practices to help you build a strong and effective community involvement and inclusive engagement plan. 

Let’s Talk Digital Equity

We are committed to supporting you in achieving your program goals and empowering unserved and underserved communities with broadband access. 

Let’s connect! We invite you to contact us and learn how our team at HCH Enterprises can help your community achieve increased equity through the expansion of broadband access.

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Capitalizing on Existing Broadband Opportunities

When the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law — among the many designations, was the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program. This expansive grant program, administered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) appropriates $42.45 billion for states and territories to utilize for broadband deployment, mapping, and adoption projects.

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