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HCH Enterprises is a solutions-oriented staffing,
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Our mission is to help clients improve the quality of life for everyone — by providing high-quality tailored support and by centering equity in everything we do.

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ARPA Funding Deadline Approaches: How Technology Can Help Your Government Come Back

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ARPA Funding Deadline Approaches: How Technology Can Help Your Government Come Back

Addressing Housing Equity — How Communities Can Reduce Housing Insecurity and Homelessness

Housing equity is the fair and just distribution of housing opportunities and outcomes for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or other protected characteristics. In the United States, achieving housing equity has been a challenging journey, with minority households disproportionately experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness.

Reducing Housing Insecurity and Homelessness
affordable housing unit

Protecting Your Staff From Getting “Hooked”

Even though small businesses might not have the same cybersecurity resources as big companies, you can still protect yourself from phishing attacks. By teaching your team, using good security software, and following these steps, you can keep your business safe from cybercriminals. Don’t let them hook you with their phishing scams.

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Protecting your staff from getting “Hooked”

Navigating HIPAA Compliance: 10 Vital Pitfalls Health Stewards Must Sidestep

We specialize in providing comprehensive OSHA and HIPAA compliance solutions, including certification, tailored to the unique needs of business.

HIPAA + OSHA Compliance
HIPAA and Certified Office Worker

Building a Team For Success

HCH, through collaborative and strategic partnering, has successfully built project and corporate team relationships that allow fast and efficient client response and unparalleled access to cross-platform infrastructure.

Our Agile Workforce Solutions

We are Team Leaders and Team Players

HCH builds talented and diverse collaborative teams across public and private industries, non-profits, technology providers, and industry experts. HCH takes pride in being certified as a Minority Owned, Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise (MBE/DBE/SBE).

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