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Applying specialized resources to meet your specific needs.

HCH Enterprises offers agile workforce solutions with flexible staffing models — applying resources with specialized knowledge to solve specific problems. Our scalable and tiered workforce solutions offer clients cost relief on both staffing and technical infrastructure. Whether a client requires to enhance an existing business unit, or outsource a function entirely, we know that by applying the right person with the right skill set at the right time and price, HCH can resolve a client’s workforce needs.

HCH takes immense pride in our call center attrition rate of less than 2% while the national average is 45% — based on a Harvard 2022 study. We empower our employees and provide support in areas of career growth, ownership, and training. Our staffing models are driven by effective resource management, training, and ongoing quality assurance to ensure our solution provides the maximum benefit to our clients.

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Our Agile Workforce Solutions

Staff Augmentation

We apply workforce resources with highly-specific skill sets that align with a client’s distinct needs by recruiting, vetting, and onboarding those with the expertise to most efficiently address a client’s challenges and goals.

Contact Center as a Service

Our ability to rapidly deploy and staff contact center services helps clients resolve urgent communications needs. Our contact centers have omni-channel and multi-channel capabilities and are enhanced by advanced technologies — CRM systems with chatbot and a virtual help desk, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and AI-powered Real-Time Quality Assurance. HCH meticulously trains our contact center professionals to client specifications and provides real-time reporting on key performance indicators.

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Program Management + Project Management

HCH supports a wide variety of project or program management needs by providing Data Analysts and Solution Architects to work with clients to identify needs, analyze problems, and develop the framework for solutions or implementations.

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