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Contact Center as a Service

At HCH, we recognize the challenges that affect State governments, and we know how innovative technology can help solve many of those problems. We also know that customer service technologies only work well when used by well-trained, compassionate, and engaged Customer Service Agents. HCH has been successful in running state department of health contact centers for three reasons:

  1. We make the effort to fully understand our clients’ circumstances and requirements;
  2. We ensure that our agents have the tools and training they need; and
  3. We foster a genuine public-trust and public-service attitude across all levels of our call centers.

As a highly successful minority-owned firm, HCH’s approach to solving problems is deeply rooted in our values. We believe the purpose of all human systems — governments, businesses, economies, and legal institutions — should be to make life better for everyone. To understand the wide range of needs and perspectives in a community, we practice cultural humility and responsiveness in everything we do. We organize our work around thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that foster the emergence of an inclusive and respectful attitude about the full spectrum of human experiences, attitudes, and aspirations.


Quality + Experience

The success of our contact center projects can be attributed to the quality and professionalism of our contact center team. HCH takes immense pride in our call center attrition rate of less than 2% while the national average is 45% — based on a Harvard 2022 study. To ensure our contact center team members provide quality service, we have developed an approach to training that combines trainer-led and on-demand learning. We provide team members with dynamic and engaging remote and on-site classes. HCH invests in the development of all our employees because we know the return on that investment is better service for our clients.

Our training programs are customized by engagement with client/project-specific materials and courses built on an understanding of client expectations, and specific state policies. Each team member is subject to a final review upon completion of the training program. We supplement the training process by administering Quality Assurance monitoring and ongoing coaching sessions, individual KPI reviews, and scorecards.

Experienced & Ready

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