Application Penetration Testing

Increase Confidence in Your Vital Business Systems

Organizations face cybersecurity concerns that jeopardize their valuable assets and sensitive data. Without the necessary expertise and tools to evaluate business systems from a hacker’s perspective, companies struggle to proactively identify vulnerabilities, exposing them to potential breaches and their subsequent detrimental impacts. The consequences of overlooking vulnerabilities, such as files being compromised or lost, along with the associated penalties, heighten the urgency for organizations to prioritize comprehensive security measures. There is also significant pressure from stakeholders to annually demonstrate robust system security even in the absence of material development.

The HCH Solution for Application Penetration Testing

HCH Enterprises has strategic partners specializing in Application Penetration Testing and we possess the experience to assist clients in test preparation, facilitation, and providing advice on remediation next steps. Tests can be as narrow as a few interfaces (APIs) or as wide as a web application.  

We follow a comprehensive four-step process to prioritize remediation effectively by:


Thoroughly assessing vulnerabilities, and examining the security landscape to identify potential threats.


Conducting comprehensive scans, gathering asset information, and leveraging threat intelligence for a  deeper understanding of security posture. 


Aligning remediation efforts with business needs, considering goals, risk tolerance, and regulatory requirements.


Developing a risk-based plan, addressing high-risk vulnerabilities first and tailoring it to an organization’s unique context. 

As a result of the test, the client knows what was tested, how it was tested, what was identified as vulnerable, remediation recommendations, and an agreed-upon remediation plan. 

IT Outcomes

The primary responsibility for system security lies within the IT department or those suppliers entrusted to develop applications on their behalf. At a minimum, reports provide the assurance of a sound system security development process. Too often, the reports indicate possible errors and omissions by assigned staff in the development as well as systemic issues which require improved processes and training.  

Additionally, the IT department benefits from the expertise of HCH’s testing partners and advisory from  HCH on industry-accepted next steps. HCH would become the IT department’s Trusted Advisor to System  Security, allowing their IT team to concentrate on other priorities.

Business Outcomes

The primary responsibility for secure business processes lies within the business, serving the interests of the board of directors, internal audit, external audit, and customers. By establishing an Application Penetration  Testing program, stakeholders can have confidence in their increased reliance on business systems. This focused approach minimizes the risk of breaches, safeguards valuable files, and mitigates associated penalties.

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